Choosing the Right Music Maker Software

If you search for music maker software, you’ll find tons of different products out there, and every one is called “the best and easiest to use music software on the internet”. But only few products really are. When you are choosing a software, you should think which one fits best to you. Do you want a program that is easy to use, has a high-quality output or should it have many features? Questions over questions… The problem is, there’s no perfect product. Everyone has it’s benefits.

So let’s see, are you a beginner? Then you might like to start out with something that’s easy to use. I would recommend DUBturbo or Sonic Producer. They are the easiest ones to start with. You’ll be able to produce nice sounding music literally in minutes. They suit for every music style and you get many tutorials and manuals. If you are a little more experienced, you’ll probably like Fruity Loops more. It comes with many plugins and the quality is a little better because it has more mastering options. You can also buy additional plugins for it. But the downside is that it’s more expensive than the other two programs.

If you are an advanced producer and have the hardware that’s necessary, you’ll be more interested in programs like Qbase or Adobe Audition. They are known for the nearly infinite options to fine tune your sounds and perfect the quality of your music. But you’ll need at least some good hardware to really do something with it and the prices are accordingly high, so calculate in about 1000$ just for the software.

Ok, you are interested in features? I can recommend DUBturbo because it has very many features and plugins like synthesizers already included in the comparatively low price of 30-50$. Fruity Loops is also known for its many features, but in the buying price of 140$ included are just a few, like a simple synthesizer or an electric guitar-sound maker, for the rest you have to pay extra.

In the end, the important thing is to think about what your claims are and how much you are willing to pay. The best deal for beginners sure is the easy to use DUBturbo with many features and a cheap price. For intermediate users, with some money to spend, there’s Fruity Loops with extra plugins and advanced options. And for professionals, there are the expensive ones like Qbase and Adobe Audition which can do everything you need and even don’t need. The decision is up to you!