How to Choose a Music Maker Download

There’s a dizzying selection of music composing software on the market today that allows you to merge homemade beats, instrumentals and voices easily on your computer or laptop.

Many of the top music maker downloads come as free versions you can test-drive for a period. So it’s commonly recommended to download and try several packages to develop a sense of which program will best suit your goals and style. You’ll get a number of free beats and instrumentals, but often the more cutting-edge features will be off-limits until you buy the full version.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most highly regarded music software available now.

Audacity is a music composing software program that’s very popular and fairly easy to use. With it you can obtain quality recordings of live audio. You can also edit, splice, copy or mix sounds, and change the speed and pitch.

Fruity Loops Studio is another top-selling music maker download. One notable feature is its built-in virtual speech synthesizer program that lets you change the words, pitch, and so on, then combine it with instruments or a previous recording.

DubTurbo is a newer but increasingly popular music program that has 16 tracks for constructing and enhancing beats with a wide range of instrumentation. It allows full editing and customization of sounds and quick integration of drum patterns. DubTurbo exports a 44.1 kHz studio quality.wav master of your sonic creations, which is certainly an advantage to anyone having serious musical aspirations who wants an affordable software package they won’t outgrow too quickly.

There are other well known music composing software packages that offer particular features that appeal to certain users. For example, if you want to format, notate, print or publish music, two very capable programs are Finale and Sibelius. If you want to create and record digital music from scratch, ProTools is considered by many to be the industry benchmark.

One of the helpful features in Sibelius music writing software is that it will tell you if you’re writing out of range for a given instrument or voice. This is quite handy when you’re editing parts in a score, focusing on the composition as a whole rather than the separate parts.

If you’re feeling experimental after getting comfortable with one of the above music maker downloads, you can try integrating the capabilities of other specialized modules like samplers, drum machines, real instruments/ROMplers or synthesizers.

With technological advances in music composing software and the constant demand for new musical content, talented home producers can follow their muse and find their audience like never before.